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Dental Restoration in Scarborough

Just as it sounds, dental restorations are the different tools, techniques, and procedures we have to repair a damaged tooth—so it looks like a healthy tooth again, and functions like one.



Perhaps the most common restoration, a filling is a material used to fill a cavity (or other damage) in a tooth. Beyond restoring the appearance of the tooth, a filling helps prevent further damage or decay. Most fillings we use are a tooth-coloured material called composite resin, but depending on the situation we may use amalgam (metal) fillings too.


If a tooth is too badly damaged for a filling, then a crown is often the best solution. Typically made from a strong composite material that matches the colour of your natural teeth, a crown is placed over the damaged tooth to restore it.

Inlays and onlays

When the space or cavity to fill is too large or difficult for a traditional filling, then we’ll often use an inlay or onlay. Unlike a filling that goes in the cavity as a liquid, inlays and onlays are solid composite pieces, coloured to match your tooth, that are then cemented into place.


There are few different types of bridges, but all are ways to replace a missing tooth—or teeth—with prosthetic (artificial) teeth. They “bridge the gap” created by your missing teeth.

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